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Carl Turner is a young artist currently based on the South coast of the UK. From a young age he had a keen passion for art and creativity. It wasn’t until the start of 2021 that he realised his true passion for art and nature and since has started to use and develop his self-taught skills as an Oil Painter.

Growing up and living on the south coast has inspired him, using the extraordinary colours that occur at sunset to inspire his work. The late Bob Ross is a huge inspiration of his, allowing him to see the natural world in a new light, helping each piece to develop as it is created.

His interest and experimental use of oils has allowed him to develop his skill set in such a rich and versatile medium. Carl currently enjoys painting on a medium to larger scale as this enables him to become immersed in each piece, creating depth, atmosphere and a focal point to draw the viewer in. He plans to create larger pieces in the future, allowing him to add more to his paintings and to help reach a wider audience.

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